Cheddar cheese 1,033 kg

Item ID: 000002358
Country of origin Germany
Packaging Package
Mass of 1 package 1,033 g
Readiness for use Ready to eat
Storage conditions from +2 to +8
Shelf life 6 months
Minimum order quantity: 1 pk
Мінімальна кількість товару для замовлення - 1 упаковка

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Додайте обрані товари до кошика та оформіть замовлення, слідуючи простим крокам. Після успішного оформлення з Вами зв’яжеться наш менеджер та повідомить вартість, умови оплати та доставки. Також він відповість на всі запитання.
About the product

Cheddar whiz cheese has rich taste and aroma due to its natural ingredients. It is made of natural cheese and oil produced according to a special technology. Cheese pieces make kitchen processes faster due to a fact that each piece has identical size. It allows to decrease labour costs and increase yield of a finished product. It is a reason why this cheese is so popular in fast food restaurants.

Cheddar whiz cheese is very popular in fast food restaurants. It is used in:

- cheese burgers;

- sandwiches;

- in fast food dishes.


- identical size of slices that reduces defect ratio and losses;

- convenient pack: opportunity to buy a small or a large pack;

- natural ingredients;

- European quality.

The product is ready to use. Keep it at temperature of +2 to +8 degrees.