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Tuna pieces in tubes

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Мінімальна кількість товару для замовлення - 1 упаковка

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Додайте обрані товари до кошика та оформіть замовлення, слідуючи простим крокам. Після успішного оформлення з Вами зв’яжеться наш менеджер та повідомить вартість, умови оплати та доставки. Також він відповість на всі запитання.
About the product

Tuna fish is healthy and nutritive fish. It contains minimum of fats and no cholesterol. Tuna fish has high protein content that is why sportsmen and people living a healthy life like it. This fish is similar to usual meat by taste, therefore it is so popular in the world. 

Tuna pieces in tubes are cut tender fillet frozen in a special package. 

Tuna fish is used to make:

- sushi and rolls;

- tartar;

- tuna medallions and patties;

- salads.


- imported by the seller;

- favourable price;

- handy pack (there is no need in unfreezing of the whole pack);

- high-quality fillet in pieces.

To make a burger patty the tube must be air defrosted until the solidification stage, and then cut into circles. To make rolls, tartar, and other dishes the tubes must be completely defrosted at temperature of +2 to +4 degrees. In this way fillet structure will be preserved. Use the chilled fillet.