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Napoletana pizza flour Verde 25 kg

Item ID: 1113
Country of origin Italy
Packaging Bag
Mass of 1 package 25 kg
Storage conditions up to 25 C
Shelf life 12 mounth
Minimum order quantity: 1 pk
Мінімальна кількість товару для замовлення - 1 упаковка

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Додайте обрані товари до кошика та оформіть замовлення, слідуючи простим крокам. Після успішного оформлення з Вами зв’яжеться наш менеджер та повідомить вартість, умови оплати та доставки. Також він відповість на всі запитання.
About the product

Napoletana is flour made of top-grade soft wheat varieties. It is suitable for direct and indirect dough kneading for a thin Italian pizza. Due to sufficient content of protein on the flour, dough will be of high quality and especially elastic, coarsely porous and stable. It is the reason why your pizza will have perfect crisps.

It is used exclusively to get the specific crisps in pizza.


- imported by the seller;

- guaranteed quality and crisps of Italian pizza subject to observation of the production technology;

- white colour;

- minimum amount of yearst;

- dough remeains 'living' for 72 hours;

- Italian quality.

Napoletana flour has natural fermentation, therefore it is essential to make proof of the dough after dough kneading. It is the moment when a process of natural fermentation is launched with a minimum amount of yeast. Due to absolutely white colour of the flour, the dough will remain white as well.