Montare D’oro confectionary cream

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Додайте обрані товари до кошика та оформіть замовлення, слідуючи простим крокам. Після успішного оформлення з Вами зв’яжеться наш менеджер та повідомить вартість, умови оплати та доставки. Також він відповість на всі запитання.
About the product

Confectionery non-diary cream is an ultra heat-treated product. It is used as a substitute of diary cream in vegan dishes and in case of lactose intolerance. Cream is easily turned into tender creamy paste. In our range you will find creams with different fat content so that you are able to offer a wide choice of dishes to your customers, including dietary ones.

Confectionery cream is used in many national cuisines and not only in sweet deserts. It is used to cook:

- sauces;

- cream soups;

- confectionary;

- creams;

- meat and fish;

- side dishes;

- canapes;

- ice cream.


- termal pack due to which shelf life is extended up to 8 months;

- it can be used in vegan dishes;

- optimal price-quality ratio;

- European producer.

The product is ready to eat. If you want to get whipped cream, a package should be cooled to temperature of +4 degrees. In this case the cream will be whipped easier and become more airy and light.