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Tobiko caviar

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Додайте обрані товари до кошика та оформіть замовлення, слідуючи простим крокам. Після успішного оформлення з Вами зв’яжеться наш менеджер та повідомить вартість, умови оплати та доставки. Також він відповість на всі запитання.
About the product

Tobiko or flying fish caviar is crunchy caviar having small size, tender sweetish taste and fishy aroma. It is drier than masago or salmon caviar, that is why it crunches in the teeth.

Tobiko caviar keeps its form better and adds zest to dishes, that is why it is so popular in the world. It is dyed by natural colouring agents: green, red, orange, black and other colours.

Tobiko caviar is traditional Japanese speciality. It is used in:

- sushi and rolls, gunkans, and nigiri sushi;

- salads;

- to decorate dishes;

- appetizers;

- soups;

- sauces.


- imported by the seller;

- evenly dyed eggs;

- optimal level of moisture;

- natural colouring agents;

- bright and crunchy eggs.

We recommend to defrost the caviar in a fridge at temperature of +2 to +4 degrees. It allows to minimize losses and the caviar will remain firm and preserves its shape. Making rolls it is better to roll them in the caviar. In this case eggs will remain sound and preserve their crunchy structure.